Supporting expat partners in over 140 countries

The roots of Global Connection can be traced back to 1993. We are an independent, international organisation that is exclusively dedicated to expat partner support.

Our goal: to contribute to the well-being and mobility of expat partners and consequently to the success of the posting. We support expat partners of 90 nationalities in 140 countries.

Services for human resources


Global Connection conducts research into all aspects of partner support. Our studies include surveys among expat partners as well as HR executives. In addition, we conduct customised surveys to answer your specific questions.


We help organisations with, among other things:

  • partner support policy development
  • ROI calculations
  • improving cost efficiency and effectiveness
  • benchmarking, best practices exchange
  • supplier selection, purchasing/contracting
  • testing plans and new initiatives
  • HR management and staff training is also available.

Services for expat partners

Unique support model

Effective partner support requires providing the right information and service at the right time and in the right way. Therefore, we work according to a unique Triple Seven Support Model and provide a one-stop-shop for expat partner support.

Triple Seven V2 PNG

Media & Network support including

  • Books and magazines (print & digital)
  • Digital newsletters
  • Members-only website, including
    • destination information
    • networking options
    • partner support helpdesk

Services ranging from providing specialised information through to highly customised individual support

Services and support can be used on an on-going basis, in all assignment phases. We offer support starting with the decision-making process before the assignment, all the way through to the final phase of repatriation.

B2B and B2C

Our support packages are exclusively available to expat partners of assigning organisations that have a contract with Global Connection. Our books are also available to the general public and can be ordered online.


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