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This Agreement (Agreement) governs the relationship between Global Connection B.V., Global Connection Expat Partner Support B.V., private companies with limited liability under Dutch law, registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce under number 24367534, respectively 59878886 (Provider) and the users of its services (User(s)), including but not limited to the use of the website www.global-connection.info (Website), its network, magazines, newsletters, books and personalised support (all together: Services). By accepting this Agreement in the Registration Procedure, User agrees to comply with all of the terms and conditions hereof. This Agreement may be modified by Provider at any time. A modified Agreement shall be effective immediately after posting on the website www.global-connection.info. User agrees to be bound individually to this Agreement, regardless the location of use or the purpose of use. The right to use the Services is personal to User and is not transferable to any other person or entity.


Accessing the Website, requires registration by means of the Registration Procedure. This registration requires User to submit a limited amount of personal information (compulsory fields) such as full name, e-mail address, nationality, gender, location (city and country). Only after the Registration Process is completed, User will be granted credentials by e-mail with which access to the Services is granted. Provider may also re-assign credentials to its users.

Obligations User

User agrees not to share confidential or proprietary information. User guarantees that all data relating to him or her and provided by him or her is accurate and updated if necessary. User agrees to keep his or her sign-in credentials safe and confidential. User accepts full responsibility for any actions that are committed through his or her account. User guarantees that the content shared by User through the Services is not illegal and does not infringe the rights of third parties. The User shall indemnify the Provider against claims by third parties, of whatever nature, in relation to this data. In particular, The User guarantees that he will not share information that:

  • is harmful to others;
  • contains personal information of other people, without permission;
  • falsely states or disguises his or her identity;
  • is discriminatory or obscene;
  • infringes on Intellectual Property;
  • contains viruses, worms or any code or hyperlinks that are harmful to computer software, computer data, or other equipment.

Use of  Services by User for the purpose of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising (such as “spam” or “harvesting”) is not permitted. Personal data shared by other users through the Services may not be used by the User for other purposes, such as sending commercial information by e-mail, facsimile, SMS, MMS, mail, messenger applications and the like. User will not circumvent or override any security measures taken by the Provider.

User indemnifies Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees or directors, and holds Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees or directors harmless for all damages and costs related to claims from other parties that are a result of the content he or she submits through the Services and/or concerning his or her non-compliance to this Agreement.

License grant

User grants Provider a license which is royalty free and non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, assignable, unlimited and assignable and sub-licensable, as regards all the information shared by the User through the Services, with which license Provider may publish, copy, alter, and distribute this information.

Privacy Policy

Provider will undertake suitable measures to protect User’s privacy. Provider may change security procedures on its own discretion.

The mandatory personal data that is requested in the registration procedure serves the purpose to verify your identity and authorize you to (parts of) our Website. Unless otherwise stated on the relevant web page, we may also make use of your personal data to send you information about Provider and its products and/or services.

After registration, Users that are connected to Provider have exclusive access to a closed part of the Website. The closed part of the Website serves the purpose of enabling all those connected to Provider to contact one another. After logging in, User will be able to add (sensitive) personal data , besides the data that is required for registration to the Website. This information can be seen by other connected Users. User explicitly agrees to be solely responsible for the sharing of this data.

If Provider needs to call in help from third parties to process your personal data, such parties will not be given permission to use your personal data in any other way than as outlined by Provider. If a situation arises whereby a third party should ask Provider leave for inspecting your personal data, Provider will merely supply your personal data to such a third party after it has adequately provided a (juridical) necessity to justify such use. Provider will never let or sell your personal data.

User explicitly accepts the use of cookies on the Website. Provider may use cookies or similar means to collect other information while User is visiting the Website, as e.g. what specific parts of our website are visited, and what services User uses via the Website. This information is collected by Provider to better fine-tune its products to the user’s interests and requirements. Cookies may also be used to accelerate future activities on the Website.

Statistics about the site may be used to personalise experiences on the website and to evaluate statistics about use of the website – anonymous and as overall result. Information about your computer, as for instance your IP address, the type of Internet browser as well as the type of operating system you use, may also be collected.

If User has questions as regards this privacy policy, notices abuse of personal data, or wishes to file a complaint, or have data amended or deleted, he or she is requested to contact the Provider as indicated under “Notification”.

Disclaimer / intervention Provider

User cannot rely on the Services from Provider or any information contained in these Services, due to their nature. All services and information are provided on an “as is” basis. Provider does not endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with the information such as comments, opinions, or statements relating to the Services. Any information or material placed through the Services, including advice and opinions, are the views and responsibility of those making the comments and do not represent the views of Provider. Provider is not responsible and not liable for the use, misuse or misappropriation of information contained in these Services. Provider reserves the right, but undertakes no duty, to review, edit, move or delete any material relating to the Service, without notice. Provider may modify and replace its Services on its own discretion. The Provider cannot guarantee that the Services will be available or accessible at all times and without errors or interruptions. Provider has no obligation to store or maintain the content that is shared by the User through the Services. Provider disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to warranty as regards the accuracy or fitness of data. Provider is not responsible for the delivery of any messages that are sent by Users through the Services.

Limitation of liability

Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees or directors are not liable or in default for an omission that is a result of strikes, riots, war, government instructions, fire, explosions, theft, floods, or any comparable cause that are not in the direct control of the Provider. Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees or directors, are not cumulatively liable for any damages that are a result of errors made or wrong information disclosed by the User and/or any other users of the Services unless the damages ensue from wilful misconduct, gross negligence or wilful recklessness of the Provider. Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees or directors, are not cumulatively liable for any damages that are a result actions from third parties which are used for provision of its Services unless the damages ensue from wilful misconduct, gross negligence or wilful recklessness of the Provider.

In the instance, Provider is liable for direct and attributable damages, Provider is only cumulatively liable for any damages that do not exceed three times the monthly fee that is paid for a subscription and if such monthly fee cannot be determined to exceed an amount of € 300,-.

Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees or directors, are not liable for any immaterial damages, consequential damages, loss of use, profit, revenue, or data, regardless on which grounds the liability is claimed.

In the event that a limitation of liability cannot be maintained due to a court ruling or a lawfully mandatory provision, a payment of damages is limited to the maximum amount that is paid by the Provider’s liability insurance.

Notice and take down

The Provider is entitled to act immediately in relation to any act from the User. User is obliged to remove information immediately on request of the Provider. If User does not respond to this request, Provider is entitled to remove the information or to prevent access to this information.

If a conflict rises between the User, other users, and/or another party, the Provider cannot be required to assess the validity of the claims of third parties or of the User’s defence. Provider thus cannot become involved in a dispute between the User, other users, and or a third party. However, Provider will remove information or User accounts as a whole after he has received a properly substantiated claim as regards the acts from a particular user that are unlawful or in breach of this Agreement. After receiving a complaint, Provider may also prohibit a User to contact certain other users of the Services.

If User suspects that any material used on the Website, constitutes an infringement on Intellectual Property, please send notice to the Provider. If User wishes to file a complaint as regards the acts of other users of the Services, please send notice to the Provider.


User has the right to terminate this Agreement, for any reason, at any time, with a written notice to the Provider. Provider may terminate the Agreement and Account at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. Termination is effective immediately. Termination of the Agreement may also be requested by third parties which are related to the User, such as the employer of his partner/his employer.

Dispute Resolution

This Agreement is governed by Dutch Law. Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement will be submitted to the competent court of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


If one or more provisions of this Agreement appear to be invalid, the remainder of the Agreement will remain unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by a valid, enforceable provision that matches the intent of the original provision.

No waiver

Failure of the Provider to enforce any part of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any of Provider’s rights under this Agreement.


All notifications to Provider mentioned in this Agreement shall be carried out:

  • By telephone: +31 182 300000
  • By e-mail: info@gcmail.info
  • By regular mail: Global Connection, P.O. Box 79, 2810 AB Reeuwijk, The Netherlands



This Code of Business Conduct (Code) focuses on how all parties involved in Global Connection’s B2B Personalised Expat Partner Support should conduct themselves. It does not anticipate every situation which may be encountered; nor does it remove the need for using common sense and professional judgement. If there is any doubt, issues have to be openly discussed with the related parties; in addition, Global Connection’s management, as author/owner of this Code, should be consulted or notified depending on the nature of the issue.

Parties involved

The following parties are involved in Global Connection’s Personalised Expat Partner Support:

  • Global Connection’s corporate client: the assigning organisation
  • The expat partners of the assigning organisation authorized to make use of the support
  • Global Connection as supplier of Personalised Expat Partner Support
  • Global Connection’s consultants; these could also be acting as account managers
  • Global Connection’s coaches/trainers

Responsibilities and scope of the assigning organisation, Global Connection and the expat partner

The outline and optional content of the personalised support program offered to an expat partner is a policy matter and decided upon by the assigning organisation. Global Connection only manages and executes the program. Global Connection will not provide additional services without the consent of the assigning organisation. The detailed individual support services to be provided by Global Connection are jointly designed by the Global Connection consultant and the specific expat partner. It is understood that the support services are not (psycho)therapy or (psychological) counselling. Rather, it is a partnership exercise to assist the expat partner in for example finding a fulfilling occupation while abroad.

Nature of the relationship between the expat partner and consultant

A Global Connection consultant is assigned to the expat partner by (the account manager of) Global Connection. The consultant will manage and partly execute the support program for the expat partner and will remain the contact person for the expat partner during the entire support program. For specific support modules, the consultant will select and contract a coach/trainer. In some cases the consultant will, however, also execute these support modules.

Nature of the relationship between the expat partner, consultant and coach/trainer

The coach/trainer will perform the coaching/training modules as agreed upon with the consultant. If the coach/trainer and/or the expat partner would like to change the scope/content of the coaching/training, the coach/trainer or expat partner contacts the consultant and discusses the change in support and whether that change can and may be implemented. If necessary, Global Connection’s account manager will verify this with the assigning organisation.

Integrity, respect and confidentiality

The expat partner/consultant/coach/trainer will always act with integrity. Mutual respect is the cornerstone of the cooperation between the parties involved. Offensive, humiliating or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated and should be acted upon immediately. If an expat partner, for example, behaves in an offensive, humiliating or intimidating manner, this can be a reason to stop the specific support programme with immediate effect. The assigning organisation will be notified of such discontinuation of the support. All information shared between the expat partner/consultant/coach/trainer is confidential and will be carefully used and protected in a professional manner by all parties involved.


The expat partner enters into consulting/coaching/training with the understanding that he or she is responsible for creating his or her own decisions and results. The expat partner understands that he or she is always able to accept, reject or make adjustments to the recommendations given. The expat partner also agrees not to hold Global Connection or the consultant/coach/trainer liable for any actions or results for adverse situations as a direct or indirect result of support given by the consultant/coach/trainer.

Conflict of interest

Personal reliability and professional behaviour is expected from all parties involved. Situations have to be avoided in which (the appearance of) a conflict could arise between the business (Global Connection and the assigning organisation) and possible personal benefit.
Expat partners will not select their own coach/trainer, in order to safeguard a proper selection and contracting process, including the prevention of possible conflicts of interest.The expat partner should report any possible potential conflicts of interest (for example, a personal relationship with an assigned coach/trainer) to the consultant, who will act upon this information.

Feedback and complaints

If the expat partner is not satisfied with the consultancy, he/she will immediately inform the consultant, who will escalate the complaint to the corporate client’s account manager, who, in turn, will take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.
If the expat partner is not satisfied with the coach/trainer, he/she will immediately inform the consultant who will take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.
If the expat partner is not satisfied with the outline and/or optional content of the support program, his/her partner (the expat) should address him/herself to the assigning organisation, as Global Connection does not decide on such policy issues.
The expat partner agrees to fill in Global Connection’s digital evaluation form for each used support package, within one week after obtaining the request.


Needs Assessments may be recorded for internal training purposes, unless the expat partner has advised the assigned consultant in writing to the contrary.

Openness, transparency and learnings

All parties involved are expected to promote a culture of openness in which they should all feel comfortable raising questions, dilemmas and concerns regarding the interpretation of, or adherence to, this Code. All parties involved are aware that remaining silent in the event of a possible violation can only worsen a situation and decrease trust.
In order to promote transparency, safeguard reputations and learn from experience, the consultants will document issues related to this Code, such as possible conflicts of interest, offensive, humiliating or intimidating behaviour. Global Connection may report cases to the related assigning organisation.

Global Connection – update October 2021