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We believe you have a story to tell about expat life. In fact you may have several! That’s because every expat partner experiences the extraordinary – from amusing encounters to truly transformational change.

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You’ve seen our articles, so you know the format. A ‘story’ can be drawn from any expat experience: prepping for a posting; the hunt for a new occupation; a cultural mishap; help from a coach; overcoming challenges; new insights; thoughts on relocation or repatriation, etc. It can be serious or light-hearted. But it must be relevant to expat partners.

You don’t need to write it

You won’t need to write the article yourself – we will do that. Just provide us with some interesting ingredients! We only publish with your consent, and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

You’re helping others

Sharing your story on our articles page will help other expat partners in similar situations, all over the world. And it might help you process your own experiences too.

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