An expat experience that changed everything

Before she became an expat, HEINEKEN repat partner Regina Akemi Serikyaku used to have a full-time job. Now she’s building her own business, which she believes will bring professional fulfilment and a more flexible work-life balance.

Unique opportunity

“When we first had an opportunity to go to the Netherlands, for my husband’s career, I was quite excited. It’s a big decision to give up your job and move to another country. But on the other hand, I had always wanted to live and study abroad, so I recognised it was a unique opportunity,” says Regina, who had been a finance manager at her family’s company in São Paulo prior to relocating in 2018.

Inspirational coaching

Initially, Regina imagined she would study English and Dutch. But everything changed when she spoke to a life coach. “Talking to a life coach was really amazing. I feel like it’s something that everyone should do! It inspired me in many ways. In fact, I have now established my own coaching and holistic therapy business!” says Regina.

Immense gratitude

“I am really grateful for the support of HEINEKEN. Without that I wouldn’t have talked to a coach and taken a completely new path. I had the opportunity to study with and learn from professionals with strong skills and solid experience. My Global Connection consultant introduced me to a career coach who supported me on this career transition.”

A more flexible schedule

“During my expat life, I realised that I didn’t want to go back to my previous job in Brazil. As a coach I will have more time for my 5-year-old daughter and a better work-life balance,” says Regina. “We’re very happy to be back in São Paulo but there’s also a chance my husband might be offered another assignment. So that’s another reason for me to develop a career that’s portable.”

What comes next…

Since returning to São Paulo, Regina has been adjusting to her hometown while putting the finishing touches to her website: “I’m trying to have a similar mindset as when I moved to Europe. I am also super excited to set up my business, launch my website and see what happens next!”

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