An online gathering of expat entrepreneurs…

Expat entrepreneurs in our community can use our directory to network and share experiences as well as offer each other practical tips and emotional support.

Here, there and everywhere

Over the years we have seen dozens of Global Connection members set up all kinds of businesses all over the world. From Lagos to Haiti and from Auckland to Ho Chi Minh City, and in many, many other cities, it’s always inspiring to see what can be accomplished in a relatively short space of time.

Shared experiences

Many of these expat entrepreneurs did not arrive with a specific plan. In fact, many had no prior experience of running a business at all. They just sensed or happened upon an opportunity. Regardless of their experience, and location, every budding expat entrepreneur must overcome challenges to ‘set up shop’ and in doing so they all accumulate a lot of valuable know-how and experience.

Monthly meet-up

So when there are others out there – asking the same questions and searching for solutions – why not get them all together online? That’s why one of our members suggested creating an intra-community networking initiative for expat entrepreneurs. In her words: “I can’t be the only one who would love to e-meet with other expat entrepreneurs through Global Connection.” She envisages a monthly virtual meet-up that would be a way to share experiences, expertise and practical tips as well as offer some emotional support after a ‘tough few months’.

Getting back on track

We wholeheartedly agree that this would be especially useful as many entrepreneurs try to resume operations after the disruption of a global pandemic. How have others dealt with the impact of Covid-19? How are some planning to get back on track? The expat entrepreneurs in Global Connection’s community might all be in different places but they will likely have much in common. Even if two entrepreneurs operate in completely different fields (and continents), networking often demonstrates that diversity can be a powerful learning tool.

Our members directory

It’s for this very reason we encourage our members to proactively use our directory to connect. We have seen how it can bring people together and create global friendships. We are confident that the expat entrepreneurs in our community will also be able to use this resource to create a dynamic network so they can help, inspire and learn from each other.

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