Back to (music) school

For 20 years, expat partner Oscar Herraiz juggled his day job as an insurance analyst with his musical pursuits. But now in Amsterdam, he’s free to focus on the latter.

Parallel occupations

“I liked my job in Spain and had no problem continuing. But when we relocated to Amsterdam, I had to stop! But that’s when I realised I have an opportunity,” says Oscar, a father of two boys (aged 12 and 15). “For many years, I had two careers running in parallel. I was analysing data for an insurance firm by day and a performing musician by night and on weekends. I also worked as a guitar teacher, too.”

Great support

“As I considered my options for expat life, my wife urged me to focus on music, so that’s what I have done! I also appreciate the advice I received from my consultant at Global Connection. She helped me to figure out how I can follow my passion here in Amsterdam. At first, to be honest, it felt like a crazy idea to commit myself wholly to music like this, but now I have a lot more courage thanks to the support I have received.”

Student life

“I really wanted to improve my technical knowledge, so I enrolled at a music academy, where I am taking courses in subjects including sound engineering, post production, musical arrangement and composition. In future I plan to do a mix of things. I am already in lots of bands. We can’t play live during the pandemic but I hope I can perform again soon. I would also like to work as a teacher and a producer as well as collaborate with other musicians to make an album of my original compositions.”

Building a network

Besides his musical studies and pursuits, Oscar is also learning Dutch which he believes will help him better connect with local musicians. “For me, music is all about collaborating. I thrive off interaction. One of the great things about joining the academy is that I have met other musicians and producers, who I hoped to work with,” says Oscar, who admits that one day he’d love to have his own music academy back in Spain. “Yes, that’s the big dream! But for now, I am just enjoying this opportunity to learn, meet other musicians and explore possibilities. It’s a really wonderful feeling being able to devote myself to music.”

Photo: Oscar… and an old friend

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