Born and raised in digital times

Our decision to be an entirely digital company was the obvious path for a company offering support to expat partners scattered all around the world while developing a remote, global workforce that could best address the needs of the aforementioned expat partners.

Exponential growth

Not so long ago, going digital would have been considered a more straightforward affair. Get a website. Tack on a ‘dot com’ to the end of your name. Done. But the development of the digital world is exponential. It’s moving and morphing constantly. It’s easy to be left behind. Keeping up requires constant innovation, and a willingness to face disruption head on.

Distance is no object

At Global Connection we always saw digital technologies as the ideal way to achieve our goals. At the end of the day, what was a practical decision for a small company working with various multinationals, became our strength when compared to ‘bricks and mortar’ competitors based in one particular location. Distance is no object when selecting the most appropriate consultant or coach to assist an expat partner, helping us to boost mobility and talent acquisition.

Adapt and respond

Today our network is growing and our community is diversifying faster than ever, but digital solutions give us the ability to adapt and respond to change while on the move. According to this article we might even be considered ‘redefiners’. The writer suggests companies go digital for different reasons. There are modernisers, efficiency seekers, industry explorers – all of whom primarily aim to use digital tools and ways of working to tweak and shape their business as it is.

Operational challenges – and opportunities

But redefiners expect their digital efforts to redefine their core business model and change the way they operate, which can be a challenge. The article compares it to trying to change the engine on a bus while it is hurtling down the highway at 60 miles per hour! The trick is to be ‘strapped in’ and ready for the ride.

Core of our strategy

Because what we have learned is that digital transformation is not solely about the application of technology. It’s about having a flexible, adaptive mindset. At Global Connection we consider it fortunate that the very nature of what we do means we always had to place digitalisation at the core of our strategy and work culture. Now, born and raised in digital times, it’s embedded in us.

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