Coaching without geographic limitations

As ‘virtual’ is our middle name, we feel fortunate to know the perfect coach-coachee match is always possible. For example, take coach Julie Hao, who our consultants have selected to support partners moving from east to west – and west to east.

Small insights, big impact

Julie has spent the last two decades moving back and forth between China (where she is from) and Sweden (where she now lives). “I’ve learned a lot about each culture along the way. My work as a coach is often about helping people going in either direction to see things from different perspectives, and those personal experiences enable me to do that,” says Julie. “Sometimes sharing a ‘small’ insight into another culture can have a big impact and help someone to get past a superficial understanding of their new environment.”

An empathetic guide

“My own experiences of relocation and adjustment have also shaped my outlook as a cultural and job search coach. I’ve had my own ups and downs. I know how hard it is to relocate and adapt to another culture. When you first arrive somewhere new, and you don’t know the language, and have no friends or a job, it’s very tough. It’s a complicated world but coaching can give people more confidence to find their place in it. I love the feeling I get from being a part of that process,” says Julie.

Online matchmaking

From her home-office in Malmö, Julie regularly supports partners after being selected by a Global Connection consultant such as Carina Lindgren. “When selecting a coach, we always aim to match the needs and wishes of the partner with the coach’s specific experience, skills and background,” explains Carina. “In addition, we also aim to match the coach and partner on a personal chemistry basis if possible.”

Continuously evolving

“As a consultant, it is therefore imperative that I keep up to date with the coaches so that I know how I can best use their skills and knowledge when I receive a new coaching request. Along with my colleagues at Global Connection, we are fortunate to be working on a platform that makes these ‘global connections’ possible, and which is continuously evolving,” says Carina. “A mutual language and a cultural understanding between the partner and the coach will also be greatly beneficial for the partner but, thanks to video conferencing, location is the least important aspect when selecting a coach.”

Photo: Julie Hao

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