Digital approach means always finding the perfect coach

Some potential clients still ask if we can organise coach meetings in person, as they feel ‘face-to-face’ adds to the quality of coaching. My counter question: when working globally, supporting partners of 100 nationalities in 140 countries, each with their own unique needs, how likely do you think ‘the best coaching match’ happens to live around the corner?

Embracing new normals

With the world opening up again, I see many are looking forward to going ‘back to normal’. I do hope some experiences will stick, such as the pros of working remotely. The pandemic has proven that for many industries there is no significant correlation between quality of work and sitting face to face at a table. I should also stress that Global Connection’s digital approach has nothing to do with social distancing. For all it’s the most practical, cost-effective and efficient solution.

The power of virtual coaching

Not limited to geographical locations, our consultants continually connect expat partners with a coach that matches their request and their personality. Monitoring our evaluations I recently noticed a very positive review from a Belgian expat partner living in Kinshasa, who was unsure about what studies would suit her best. Our consultant selected a study advice coach currently operating from Canada, who was the ‘perfect match’ because of her expertise, her experience with coaching young expat partners, and her fluency in the partner’s first language.

Praise for our approach

Not convinced yet? Make sure you read our interview with HEINEKEN expat partner Eva Huang, a Taiwanese who relocated to Papua New Guinea. Her ‘best match’ was German life coach Susanne Cordes, currently living in the US, and who used to live in Taiwan. Thanks to the fact that Susanne understood Eva’s cultural background, she was the perfect coach to help Eva to find her feet. Need I say more?

What makes us tick

Our consultants are capable of making those best matches as they get to know the partners they are supporting. They achieve this by first performing a Needs Assessment, which helps partners to reveal ‘what makes them tick’. For those not familiar with our approach: that doesn’t mean ‘ticking boxes’ – it’s a thorough discussion, greatly appreciated by partners. Not only because it’s often the first time during their preparation for relocation that it’s about them, and their needs, but also because quite a few actually have never thought about what makes them tick. And having the privilege to be involved in these processes, well that’s what makes us at Global Connection tick!

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