Education a priority for Asian families

For many Asian families the education of their children is a priority in life. As a consequence, multinationals that factor in assurances for education can boost the mobility of talent going ‘east to west’. That’s according to Karlijn Jacobs – Head of Educational Mobility Consultancy at Edufax.

A better life for kids

“Whether at home or abroad, Asian families are very invested in their children’s education,” says Karlijn. “In many Asian cultures the whole purpose of parenthood is to give their children a better life. For some time we’ve also seen growing numbers of families in countries right across Asia – from India and China and all over Southeast Asia – looking to give their children an overseas education. So HR and Mobility managers can incorporate this topic into recruitment strategies for talent acquisition.”

A determining factor

In Karlijn’s experience being assured that the educational opportunities of their children will be improved – or sustained at a high-level – can be the determining factor for Asian families when considering an offer overseas: “The education of children for Asian families might be deemed more important than, for example, an improvement in net income or the possibility of job opportunities for a spouse.”

Part of the package

Karlijn added that it’s often the case that educational consultation is offered after a family makes a decision to move overseas or arrives in the host country. But she believes we will see more mobility managers using education consultation that will entice Asian families overseas. “When an Asian couple considers a package for an assignment, I am sure the education of the kids will be utmost in their thoughts. That means companies have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by underscoring the educational options, and opportunities, for children of prospective expats,” says Karlijn.

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