HEINEKEN – a true pioneer for partner support

Since the early 1990s, HEINEKEN has not only strived to keep up with the ever changing needs of their expat partners but also generously shared its knowledge and findings with peers.

One step ahead

As most of you know, HEINEKEN’s partner support program has been our flagship since we first established Global Connection. For many years, we have been honoured to join key strategic discussions as the multinational’s mobility team brainstormed how to best advance the program. As the world evolves, mobility has to keep pace and HEINEKEN has always taken that challenge head on.

Gen Z + DE&I

When we sat down with HEINEKEN to consider how they would revamp their support program, one of the key aims was to ensure the program would help the multinational achieve DE&I targets as well as meet the expectations of Gen Z partners today. We already had invaluable experience of DE&I requirements (referring to The RES Forum white paper of April 2022, a report which includes our expert view). Meanwhile, mapping the needs of Gen Z was a matter of combining a number of our own surveys with our ‘on the ground’ experience, as quite a few of our corporate clients already have partners in this age group.

An investment, not a cost

HEINEKEN’s new package highlights how partner support continues to not only evolve – so it can meet the needs of every individual, no matter who they are, and where they are going – but also reminds me how far we have come in spreading the word. I still vividly remember a time when some potential clients told us partner support would be ‘nice to have’ as if it were a supplementary perk. Thankfully those days are over. Now multinationals recognise partner support is an investment, not a cost, and a vital key to mobility success.

Generous sharing

HEINEKEN can take a lot of credit for this sea change. Ever since we first started working together, I have greatly appreciated the generosity with which HEINEKEN has shared its experiences and findings with peers. The positive changes they have implemented have inspired many others to follow their lead. Now, once again, they have pushed forward with a new package that not only supports their partners but empowers every ‘expat journey’.

Join the leaders?

Might you be interested in hearing more about our latest learnings and insights which have supported HEINEKEN with this leap forward? In other words, do you want to join the leading group? Don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, we are more than happy to share our knowledge.