International schools market continues to grow

ISC Research has released a report with the latest data and fresh insights into what’s happening within the world’s international schools market.

Growing market

As of June 2021, there are now 12,281 international schools teaching 5.66 million students, employing 549,000 teaching staff and generating $53.5 billion from fee income. Over the last 10 years, enrolment of students at international schools has seen a compound annual growth rate of 4.8%. In the last year, student enrolment within the international schools sector has increased by 49,800.

Asia leads the way

Asia continues to dominate the international schools market with 64% of all student enrolment – the two dominant sub-regions being Western Asia (the Middle East) with 1.72 million students following international curricula and/or learning in the language of English, and Southern Asia where 659,000 are doing the same.

British curriculum

The majority of all international schools (52%) and 34% of all international schools serving 16-18 year olds are working toward A or international A level qualifications. There are also more bilingual international schools with 34% of all international schools now offering bilingual or multilingual learning.

Other noteworthy trends

Market development shifts include international schools offering boarding facilities, Chinese brand schools that offer bilingual learning and international curricula expanding outside China, a shift of South Korean and Chinese families relocating to South East Asia and seeking international education solutions there, a rise in applications from students with special educational needs, and a growth in online international schools. There are also significant shifts within the international schools market relating to teaching and learning, education technology and recruitment, many of which have been triggered by influences related to Covid-19.

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