New chapter for a trusted partnership

In our June editorial (‘No guardianship required’) I stood up for a mature collaboration with professional providers, using our way of working with Harmony Relocation for Inter IKEA as an example. On this occasion, I am very happy to report that we have recently started another fruitful cooperation as the spousal support provider for the clients of Siemens Global Mobility Services.

A comfortable fit

While we have been supporting Siemens’ spouses since 2014, this is the first time we have acted as a spousal support provider for Siemens’ external clients. It was an interesting new experience for us to be presenting as a subcontractor alongside Siemens’ Global Mobility Manager Christiane Grabow, but thanks to our long and successful partnership and mutual trust, it felt very comfortable.

Tailored services

It’s also been very encouraging to see that our collaboration holds strong appeal to others in the Global Mobility industry. From the feedback we have received, we understand the corporate client especially appreciates our expertise, our non-commoditized approach, the broad scope of our tailored services, and our long-standing partnership with Siemens. We see this as a great compliment, especially as until recently one of the participants worked in our field of expertise.

Proud subcontractor

We are extremely proud to be part of Siemens’ rather unique proposition that allows other multinationals to benefit from their extensive experience in providing Global Mobility solutions. Thanks to the fact that the Head of Global Mobility Management at Siemens – Tobias Nehls and his team know, first hand, what expats and their spouses have to deal with, they value our ability to support individual needs which, we fully agree, is the key to assignee / partner satisfaction and finally assignment success. I look forward to seeing this fruitful cooperation in action.

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