Ready to mingle

We asked expat partner Lucile Albert-Brunet how she got off to a fast start in terms of building up a new social network in Germany.

Making a connection

Our online directory was created to help members connect, so we’re always chuffed to hear when people make use of it. For Lucile, the directory meant she knew someone in Nuremberg before she had even arrived: “It was a nice surprise to receive an email from an expat partner in Nuremberg after activating my profile while still in Lyon. She’s also French and, like me, a mother of one, so we have a lot in common. Since I arrived we’ve met up for playdates in the park and gone for coffee and shared experiences.”

Intensive language lessons

“I’m not sure how I’ll adapt, in terms of my career as a nurse. I have some ideas but for now the most important goal for me is to learn German. I’m studying from 8am to 11am, Monday to Friday, while my son is in kindergarten. It’s very intense! But I’m making progress. In the beginning I couldn’t even say ‘hello’ in German or ‘my name is Lucile’ but now I’m able to form sentences. My Global Connection consultant helped me to identify a language centre that I am really happy with. The class is small (between 2-4 students) but I prefer to learn in person rather than online. That way I can meet some of the other students.”

Trying something new

In an effort to keep fit and meet local people, Lucile has also decided to try something new in Nuremberg. “I joined a yoga class. It’s just once a week but I really like it. All the other students are German so it’s also a good way for me to absorb the local language. The teacher still has to speak English with me but I hope that I will soon be able to follow his instructions in German.”

Closer to home

“To keep up his French, my son goes to a weekend class at the La Petite École Française where he sings songs, paints pictures and plays games with some other kids. It’s fun so he loves it. But it’s also an opportunity for me to meet other French expat mothers! I’m trying hard to integrate but it’s also nice to have a connection to home when you’re adjusting to a new culture.”

‘New Expat In Town’

On our online directory, members can opt to receive an alert when another expat moves to their host area. That also means when they’re new to town, others have a chance to send them an email and say hello.

Photo: Lucile Albert-Brunet