Report on ‘25 years of partner support’ available now

Global Connection has published a special report, not simply to commemorate 25 years of expat partner support, but to share the latest data on mobility, business cases and expert analysis of this ever-evolving industry.

An incredible milestone

This year Global Connection reached an incredible milestone – 25 years of delivering partner support. To mark the occasion, we invited industry experts to join us for a symposium, kindly hosted by HEINEKEN.

At the event we shared the results of a joint survey – compiled in cooperation with The RES Forum — on expat partner support effectiveness, which we last ran in 2012. We also invited guest speakers from HEINEKEN, Signify and ING to outline their partner support programs and share their expert views.  

Hot off the press

To share all of this invaluable data and insights with a wider audience, we have now published a special report, 25 Years Expat Partner Support – 2018 Symposium Report, which you can request by filling in this form.  Inside the report, you will not only find the survey results with analysis but also business cases of HEINEKEN and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) as well as the illuminating insights of our guest speakers from the symposium.

A continuing evolution

Never mind the lay of the land in 1993, in the six short years since we last ran the survey on Expat Partner Support Effectiveness, the needs of expat partners have continued to evolve and diversify. The symposium report, as just one example, shares valuable insights into how mobility teams can respond to the shift from traditional expats to expat lights and international hires.

To increase talent mobility

Since 1993, year after year, we have continually adapted to the times to boost support effectiveness for expat partners. However, in one sense, our mission remains the same. We wish to inspire and support expat partners in the here and now by contributing to their well-being in the short term, and their mobility in the long term. Ultimately, we hope the findings and expertise contained in this report will go toward supporting and increasing talent mobility.

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