Revamped directory helps welcome newcomers to town

Our redesigned Member Directory makes it easier than ever for Global Connection’s expat partners to connect, and potentially lend a helping hand, wherever they are in the world.

Automatic notification

The new directory notifies our members when another expat partner moves to the same city / town. This optional function gives established expats a chance to welcome newcomers when they arrive. From our experiences, we’ve seen how much ‘newbies’ appreciate it when someone drops them a line to say ‘welcome to town’, perhaps offering to lend advice should it be needed, or point them in the right direction as they try to find their feet.

An invaluable resource

Whether a newcomer is looking for social or professional networking tips, or more general advice about their new hometown, a network of established expats can be an incredible resource for them. By assisting newcomers to adapt and find their place in a wider community, we’re excited to see how the directory can contribute to successful assignments and mobility in general.

Positive feedback

We’re already getting great feedback. A Brussels-based member said she was thrilled with the professional advice she received from fellow members through the revamped directory: “It felt very special and inspired me to think even more in terms of opportunities.” While an American member in Germany said she felt no hesitation connecting to a fellow expat partner she’d never met in person via the directory.

Entirely optional

We would like to stress that our members have to opt-in to receive the notifications through our website. It’s entirely optional. While we are big believers in the benefits of being an active member of our community, we fully respect those who would rather leave a ‘do not disturb’ sign hanging on their virtual door.

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