Thankful for digital capabilities in the time of Covid‑19

As a virtual organisation with a worldwide network of online consultants and coaches, Global Connection is fortunate to have operations running normally at this challenging time.

Lean, mean virtual machine

As a result of Covid-19, major corporations and businesses across a variety of sectors have told employees they can or should work from home. We count ourselves very fortunate that Global Connection’s operations have been uninterrupted. As a lean, mean, virtual machine, there’s been no need to re-strategise, recalibrate or reeducate. Your expat partners can keep scheduling appointments and our online consultants and coaches are ready to advise on a video-call.

Expat partners’ needs paramount

As we decided to fully focus on global programmes from the very beginning, we had to develop a remote, global workforce in order to best address the unique needs of your expat partners located all around the world. Being online has always been our modus operandi. Our staff members are located in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our coaching network is global. As a result, geographic distance has never been an object to our services. Our digital approach has been questioned by a few, but thanks to state-of-the-art tools and rock-solid processes and procedures, we proved it’s possible.

In fact, business as usual

Given the current situation, we’re also grateful that we have had all this invaluable experience. Consequently, our consultants and coaches can maintain the same high-quality level of work when assisting the partners of your employees, wherever they are in the world.

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