The right coach for you

A coach can help you thrive abroad, as long as you work with someone who’s right for you. Global Connection consultants will find you the perfect match.

Vast network

“We maintain a network of about 400 qualified coaches around the world. The vast majority worked with expat partners before, and many have first hand expat experience. That’s how we ensure that our coaches fully understand the cultural adaptation process and the challenges you face when living abroad,” explains Global Connection consultant Catarina Queiroz (pictured). “When assessing coaches who want to join our network, we also check if they are hands-on, flexible, and capable of thinking outside the box. They will need to have these traits to deliver truly personalised support to expat partners from any background and at any location.

Thorough search

Each of our coaches has specialist knowledge and skills in areas ranging from job search assistance and setting up a business, to networking and life coaching. To make the right match, it’s important that we fully understand what an expat partner needs from a coach. A Needs Assessment provides us with this insight and thus with the criteria to search our coach database. However, we don’t exclusively rely on the data we have on file. I will often gather additional information from fellow Global Connection consultants who have worked with the coach of my choice, before making a final decision.


The selected coach receives an anonymised briefing about the support required, while I forward their professional profile to the expat partner. Only when both parties agree to work together, will I introduce them to each other. And our work doesn’t stop there: we remain on standby for any questions or concerns from both parties throughout the coaching process, and will take action if required. Moreover, after the final coaching session, we ask expat partners to rate their coaching experience. That feedback is very important because it helps us to further maintain the high standards of our coaching services.”

This article was originally published for the thousands of expat partners that Global Connection supports around the globe. It is reproduced here in its original form.

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