What is the best online language course for you?

We looked at online reviews for the world’s most popular apps and online language learning courses so we can share some of the pros and cons with you.

The kings of convenience

Described as the Booking.com of language learning, italki is a platform for one-on-one learning that links students to over 10,000 tutors (teaching over 100 different languages).
Pros:  Flexible. You can seek out a tutor that best fits your learning style and schedule.
Cons:  You might have to try a few tutors before finding one that suits you. Having no fixed schedule might not suit procrastinators.
Price:  Varies but some skilled tutors charge as little as 10 euros an hour.

Immerse yourself

Lingoda offers private as well as group classes for over 30 languages.
Pros:  Teachers will immerse you straight away by mostly speaking in the language you’re learning.
Cons:  Reasonably flexible but you may have to wait for your chosen class to appear at a time slot that suits you.
Price:  Group class plans start at approximately 95 euros (10 classes a month); private class plans start at 122 euros.

High-end and thorough

Described by one reviewer as ‘high-end’ and ‘thorough’, Rocket offers courses in 15 languages.
Pros:  With downloadable lessons and a mobile app, you can learn wherever you are. You also get access to a huge amount of resources.
Cons:  Some languages have had mixed reviews but there’s a 60-day trial period.
Price:  Another pro? A one-off payment gives you lifetime access (currently 220 euros grants access to all levels).

Learn by doing

Pimsleur is considered to be the ideal option for those who like to learn by doing.
Pros:  With a variety of teaching techniques, daily practice is fun and easy. The focus on oral language gets you speaking straightaway.
Cons:  It’s not strong on writing.
Price:  Previously criticised for being pricey, now a basic subscription costs approximately 13 euros a month (premium level costs about 17.50 euros). Free trial available.

Honourable mentions

There are many, many other options, such as Rosetta Stone, Babbel and MosaLingua, and there are lots of promotions currently on offer. For more insight, check out All Language Resources. In the spirit of Global Connection’s principles, we only wish to encourage you to identify the best-fit solution for you and your expat life! If you have a great provider tip, please share it with your fellow Global Connection members!

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