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December 2017

  • Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey
  • It takes two to ‘co-relocate’
  • A well-furnished life in Africa
  • AkzoNobel launches expat partner support programme in partnership with Global Connection
  • The value of Needs Assessment
  • Work permits with no borders…
  • Jobseekers, English is not universal yet
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September 2017

  • Never too early for support
  • World’s most expensive cities
  • Digital competitiveness worldwide
  • Lifelong learning is the future
  • Coaching is for other people, right?
  • The role of female expatriates in GM
  • Needs Assessment is great preparation
  • Early bilingualism: ‘Will it have a lasting effect?
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June 2017

  • Implementation of spousal support
  • Expat partner support – IKEA Group
  • Discover your worth abroad
  • Silence can be golden… and awkward
  • Affordable schooling for expat kids
  • 2018 – 25 years of Global Connection
  • 2017 RES Forum annual report available
  • Natural to stick with what you know
  • Coworking in the Hoffice
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March 2017

  • Advantages of specialisation in contracting
  • Pushing expats out of their comfort zones
  • Job-seekers need to focus on ‘pain relief’
  • Older expats, they do as the romans do
  • Greater variety of cross-border movement
  • The best city for expats? Oh, Vienna!
  • Permits Foundation appoints new managing director
  • Learning foreign languages sharpens your brain
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