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June 2015

  • More return to work support
  • Return to work surveys
  • Balancing act of outsourcing
  • Find your feet with personalised support
  • Where a euro can save a life
  • Consulting the Culture Map
  • Brookfield – Mindful approach to mobility
  • Mercer – Vienna leads the way
  • Cheating is often a symptom
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March 2015

  • Communication is the key
  • Return to work: an underestimated problem
  • RES Forum: New website
  • Reality check helped partner
  • More expat spouses can work in the U.S.
  • Asia today: The human capital environment
  • Estranged in foreign lands
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December 2014

  • Cultural misconceptions
  • 30 countries allow partners to work
  • Boarding schools: often no reimbursement
  • Retirees: no new language
  • More attention to childcare needed
  • New Zealand best for expats
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September 2014

  • Partner support as recruitment /mobility usp
  • EU and US companies: differences in partner support
  • The RES forum: a fast-growing hr community
  • Cultural training: not for everyone
  • Language training: the most offered support
  • Partners get easier access to work in eu
  • Offer clear communication and support
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