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June 2013

  • Partner support is more than career support
  • An occupation close to her heart
  • Philips and Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs – Putting the expat experience into practice
  • Partner support policy workshop fully booked
  • Language is the key
  • Global Connection survey
  • Mercer report
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March 2013

  • Twenty years of support
  • Support must be managed
  • Network vital for same-sex couple
  • Continental believes in on-going support
  • Global mobility is underperforming
  • Support must be managed
  • No more Gucci
  • New expat & partner guide
  • Schooling issues
  • Honest answers for prospective partners
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December 2012

  • Having a ‘support plan B’
  • Vacancy exchange
  • Almost 20 years ago…
  • Mcnulty: spouses feel ‘invisible’
  • ROI – short and long term
  • Spousal support in emerging
  • Markets a must – the Resforum
  • Emma award
  • Dual career most difficult in USA, India and China
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September 2012

  • No one-size-fits-all
  • How effective is your partner support programme?
  • New personalised support at Heineken
  • Successful HR meeting, extended to Copenhagen
  • Brookfield: elderly family support
  • A good coach is hard to find
  • Vacancy exchange
  • Creative solution for the ‘desire to work’
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