‘I’m happy that I had to reinvent myself’

During a 20-year career in banking, expat partner Victoria Diaz never imagined she would become an entrepreneur but expat life ultimately changed everything.

The open road

Now living in the Frankfurt area, Victoria’s expat journey began in 2014 when she moved to Bucharest: “I thought we were only going to be away for two years and I was on maternity leave anyway. My ‘plan’ was to enjoy the break and resume my banking career when we returned to Madrid. But now  I know, once you go on the road as an expat, you’re never sure when you will go back!” says Victoria, a mother of two (Eduardo and Olivia, aged 11 and 8 respectively).

A flexible vocation

“Eventually I had to part ways with my old employer as it was clear that I wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. That was when I realised I would have to reinvent myself. I wasn’t sure what path I would take. I only knew my perspective had changed. I really valued the time I’d spent with my kids, first in Bucharest, and later in Frankfurt, where we relocated in 2018. As a banker, I worked from 8am to 8pm but I couldn’t ever do that again. Now I want a flexible working life.”

Online studies begin

Eventually Victoria recognised the direction she wanted to take: “My son has a lot of food allergies. For years I had been self-studying nutrition to better understand how I can care for him. That was the initial inspiration for becoming a health coach. I found an online course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN) in New York that was really inspirational. More recently I have built a website and worked with a branding specialist. I’ve also been tapping my old networks in Spain as my business will target companies in the corporate sector rather than individuals.”

A learning experience

“I’m really happy that I had to reinvent myself as I’ve learned so much already. When I was a child I didn’t think I was creative just because I couldn’t draw or write well. It’s been a real thrill to see that as an entrepreneur I am creative! But this definitely wouldn’t be happening if I had stayed in Spain. Becoming an expat – and receiving support from my husband’s employer and Global Connection – presented me with this opportunity. It’s up to me to make the most of it.”

Photo: Victoria Diaz

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